2012 INF seminar in Uppsala

The seminar was held in Uppsala, Sweden, from 24th to 26th August 24th 2012


To all who successfully passed their Dan examination!

– Stuart Green (AUS)
– Jyukka Passonen (FIN)
– Leena lecklin (FIN)
– Emmanuel Dayré (FRA)
– Philip Mattsson (SWE)
– Peter Strandarv (SWE)

– Alistair Holloway (AUS)
– Martin Kaldecek (CZE)

– Jan Hrbac (CZE)
– Romain Bouglé (FRA)
– Marc Baudot (FRA)

– Hughes Jeangérard (FRA)
– Dominique Pouchard (FRA)
– Kirsi Hoglund (SWE)
– Lisa Sander (SWE)
– Andrea Vyas (USA)

5th World Naginata Championship Results

Here are the results of 5th World Naginata Champs, held in Himeji, Japan on the 3rd of July, 2011.

Women’s Teams:
1st: Japan
2nd: USA
3rd: Canada

Men’s Teams:
1st: Japan
2nd: The Netherlands
3rd: Belgium

Women’s Individuals:
1st: K. Ikemi, Japan
2nd: A. Ajiki, Japan
3rd: A. Sato, Japan

Men’s Individuals:
1st: K. Tanaka, Japan
2nd: A. Bennett, New Zealand
3rd: I. Itagaki

1st: Kijima/Kiyomizu, Japan
2nd: Itai/Sato, Japan
3rd: Bucsis/Fromentin, Canada

5th World Naginata Championships

The 5th World Naginata Champs gets under way in Himeji, Japan this weekend. Competitors from around the world are gathering today for the General Meeting of the International Federation, followed by the championships themselves on the 3rd of July. This is then followed by a friendship tournament on the 4th, and a seminar and grading from the 5th to the 7th.

The venue is the Hyogo Kenritsu Budokan in Himeji. http://www.hyogokenritsu-budokan.jp